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12 Simple Truths for Less Stress
Here are 12 important stress-relief strategies from award-winning stress-relief expert, Susie Mantell to help you to manage the everyday stress in your life.

Addiction: Help for Loved Ones
Addiction Stress Tips: Addiction to alcohol or drug addiction, as well as eating disorders and other compulsive behaviors impact not only the addicts, but those who love them. There are many reasons for the addict's behavior, as well as the choices of their codependent loved ones.

Addiction: Where to Seek Help
Addiction Stress Tips: Do you, or someone you know need help with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, eating disorders, codependency or other addictions?

ADHD, ADD, Sleeplessness & Panic in Adults
ADHD & ADD Stress Tips Q: I am an adult with ADHD. I never can seem to slow down. I don't sleep well, I also forget a lot, and am having panic attacks. I am in constant muscular pain too. Are these stress related?

ADHD & "Add-Ults"
ADHD & ADD Stress Tips Q: As a child I was diagnosed with an Attention Deficit Disorder. Now, frequent insomnia drives me crazy. I use no stimulants. Could the old A.D.D. still be the culprit?

Aging Stress
Aging Stress Tip: Tips for dealing with the stress of aging that some people experience, diminishing age-related stress, and growing older gracefully.

Altruism is Good for Your Health
Altruism Can Reduce Stress: Did you know that altruism is not only good for our health, but may even begin in the first years of life.

Anger & Stress
Anger & Stress Q: I've been losing my temper with my kids a lot lately. I notice that I am impatient and tense. I imagine recent cutbacks at work haven't helped my stress level. Can you please offer some very basic tools that I can try?

Anger & Stress: Go Screaming (+ More Tips !)
Anger & Stress: Do you ever feel so angry you could just scream? Here's a healthy, fun way to release anger.

Anxiety & Fear
Anxiety Stress Tips: A terrific technique for moments of anxiety and fear is Mindful Breathing. Relief is just a breath away.


Anxiety & Health
Anxiety Stress Tips: How can anxiety affect our health? Can anxiety and stress make people sick or worson conditions?

Anxiety & L-Theatine
Anxiety Q: Dear Susie, Have you heard about L-Theanine? I hear it is an amino acid used to treat anxiety.

Anxiety, Depression & Pain: Breathe Easy
Anxiety, Depression & Pain Stress Tips: "Breathe easy" to soothe anxiety, depression and pain. Here are 6 tips for mindful breathing to help relieve stress.

Autism & Stress
Autism & Stress Tip: An inspiring message for every parent by gifted mom, Sally Meyer for her remarkable son Dhylan.

Autism: Spectrum Disorders Support
Autism & Stress Tip: An inspiring message for every parent by gifted mom, Sally Meyer for her remarkable son Dhylan.

Breathe Easy for Stress Relief
Breathing Away Stress Tip: Here are some ways to use breathing techniques to relieve stress and tension.

Caregiver Stress: 12 Tips for Adult Children
Caregiver Stress Tips: Caregiver stress has become a widespread problem in a culture where many adult children are caring for their aging parents. Here are 12 tips for caregivers providing long-term care.

Caregiver Stress in Eldercare: Comfort & Resources
Caregiver Stress Tips: Stress is a phenomenon only truly understood by those who have lived it. Stress-relief author and expert Susie Mantell has, and does. If you are caring for aging parents or are a caregiver working in eldercare, here's lots of real help for you.

Children & Stress: Helping Kids Cope
Children & Stress Tips: Children don't miss much. The day-to-day stress of their own world, as well as tension in the adults around them, takes a toll. Do you know a child who is experiencing stress?

Coping with Change: Try This
Change & Stress Tips: Why are we often so resistant to change--even when it means leaving a situation that is causing us terrible stress? Here's an article to help anyone who is trying to cope with change.


Coping with Change: Is There Such a Thing as Good Stress?
Change & Stress Tips: Is there such a thing as Good Stress? People often speak of the deleterious impact stress can have, but can some types of stress have positive effects? Absolutely! Read more...

Could You Be Increasing Your Own Stress Level?
Change & Stress Tips: Stress happens. And it happens to us all, every day. It's how we cope that will determine a stressful event's impact. Could you actually be increasing the stress in your life?

Cranky? Here is a Speedy Mood Changer:
Cranky? Before you tell somebody off. We've all been there - exasperated and angered with someone to the point where we're on the verge of saying or doing something that we would regret later. In those moments, we may realize we need to "take the high road," but there's no roadmap in sight. Try this...

Cranky? Try a "1-Minute Speed Whine!"
Cranky? Do you ever get so stressed that you just feel irritable and "cranky? " Here's what to do!

Depression & Eating Disorders
Depression & Binge Eating DIsorder Q: I suffer from depression as well as from a binge eating disorder. Talk therapy is not helping at this moment. How do I find relief from the stress of my eating disorder and food obsession?

Depression & Nutritional Supplements
Depression Q: Is it safe to use herbs and supplements to treat depression?

Depression: Bright Hope for the Stress of Clinical Depression
Clinical Depression Q: I've been diagnosed with Clinical Depression. I just can't snap out of it. I am anxious and lonely. My life is falling apart. What can I do to relieve the stress of what is happening to me?

Depression: Simple Soothers to Lift Your Spirits
Depression Stress Tips: Are you, or someone you care for suffering from depression? Here are 6 Simple Soothers to ease depression and lift spirits.

Divorce Stress: Helping Others Through the Stress of Loss
Divorce Stress Q: Dear Susie, My friend is in the process or divorce, negotiating custody, a divorce settlement, etc., and is extremely stressed. How can I know what my friend needs, and when to back off?

Divorce Stress: Coping with Anniversaries
Divorce Stress Q: Dear Susie, Yesterday was my anniversary, and I've been crying for a week. How can I get over the profound sense of loss I feel ever since our divorce?


Divorce Stress: How Can I Get Over a Spouse Who Left Me?
Divorce Stress: Divorce Stress Q: Dear Susie, How can i get over a spouse who left me?

Divorce Stress: Riding the Roller Coaster of Divorce
Divorce Stress Q: Dear Susie, I am a little embarrassed to admit this as an accomplished 47 year-old professional, but even though I am relieved to be finalizing our divorce, I think some of the stress I am experiencing since our separation is actually loneliness. How can I get past that?

Divorce Stress: Running on Empty
Divorce Stress Tips: Running on empty? Here are 15 QuickTips for Refeuling. The separation and divorce process can be a long and exhausting one for all concerned. Such significant life transitions can be physically, emotionally and spiritually draining, but there are many things we can do to ease the process.

Dizziness & Sweats
Dizziness Q: Stress is really getting the better of me with dizzy spells, sweating & palpitations in difficult situations. Help, please?

Endorphins: What Are They & How Can I Get Some?
Endorphins Stress Tip: Here's a tip about endorphins, what they are, and how you can boost yours!

Extreme Stress: 12 Tips for Extremely Stressful Times
Extreme Stress Tip: Following a catastrophe or natural disaster of any kind, we each need to process what has happened as we heal. Each of us experiences any event from our own unique perspective, through the filter of our personal histories. Similarly, we need to collect stress-reduction tools that work within our own lifestyle and belief system.

Extreme Stress: Fear in Times of Crisis or Uncertainty
Extreme Stress Tip: In a world that often seems to spin too fast, there are moments when global events or acts of terror cause unspeakable distress, or forces of Nature run wild in unpredictable and frightening ways. Here's an article to help anyone coping with fear in times of crisis or uncertainty.

Fibromyalgia & CFIDS: Stress Tips
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Stress Tips: Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can be stressful, discouraging, frustrating and misunderstood conditions that are increasingly being diagnosed. Here's bright hope for managing FMS & CFIDS

Fibromyalgia & Other Pain: Help Via Writing Meditation
Fibromyalgia (FMS) Q: I suffer from vague muscle aches and tender points diagnosed as Fibromyalgia (FMS). How can I use mind-body techniques to ease pain?

Fibromyalgia... & Teeth?
Fibromyalgia (FMS): Q: Dear Susie, Have you heard anything about Fibromyalgia affecting the teeth? I have had F.M.S. for years, but lately I've had major problems with my teeth. My dentist says my Fibro has nothing to do with my teeth and I have a feeling he thinks I'm a little nuts. This is so frustrating. Any ideas?


Financial Stress-Relief
Finaancial Stress? Money Worry in this volatile economy? Here's a wealth of Quicktips you can "take to the bank"

Friends -- Friends -- Friends... & Why
Friendship Stress Tip: Every once in awhile, one of those "anonymous forwards" about friendship over a lifetime is touching, and sweet, and worth sharing.

Grief, Loss & Bereavement After Caregiving
Grief, Loss & Bereavement After Caregiving Q: After caretaking my mom for over three years, she passed away in December. I'm now experiencing phases of grief that I guess are to be expected, but in some ways, I'm even more stressed and sleepless than when I was caring for my mother. Do you have any suggestions for resources that might help me now?

Grief, Loss & Bereavement After Pet Loss
Grief, Loss & Bereavement After Pet Loss: Sadly, some people cannot fully understand the depth of loss and grief upon the passing of a beloved pet. For those who experience such a loss, it is no different than the death of a human loved one. In some cases, a pet may be one's dearest friend in the world, and the loss can be profound.

Grief, Loss & Bereavement: There Are No Rules
Grief, Loss & Bereavement Stress Tips: It is human nature to want to comfort those we love as they grieve a loss. It makes us feel better when we can, but the grief process is never about the comforter. In grief, loss & bereavement... there are no rules.

Grief, Loss & Bereavement: Rituals & Traditions Can Help
Grief, Loss & Bereavement Stress Tips: In our hour of grief, there is a great deal to be said for personal traditions or religious grief rituals to process bereavement. Even when they might seem "scripted," there are sound reasons why every culture throughout history has had grief rituals and has passed them down for centuries. In addition to established traditions, consider creating your own personal bereavement rituals to find meaning in the life and legacy of your loved one.

Hair-Pulling & Stress (Trichotillomania)
Hair-Pulling (Trichotillomania) & Stress Q: I have a problem compulsively pulling out my hair. It's like an addiction, and I hardly have any lashes left. Help please? (Trichotillomania)

Happiness: 10 Ways to Get (and Stay) Happy
Happiness & Stress Tips: Looking for the secret to happiness? Here are 10 ways to get, (and stay) happy!

Happiness: A Look at Pleasure vs Happiness
Happiness & Stress Tips: We've all known people who appear to have it all, who do many "pleasurable" things, yet they are never content. Here's a look at Pleasure vs. Happiness

Happiness: What Does it Take to Make You Happy?
Happiness & Stress Tips: Have you ever thought about what it really takes to make you happy? Some people really are happy. Let's take a look at what it takes to make a person happy.


Health & Stress: 10 Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Prospective Doctor
Health & Stress Tips: Being unwell is one of life's greatest fears, and most stressful experiences, so let's talk about ways to prevent some of the stress we may experience in the search for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals to support our optimal health. In my own search for a new primary physician I sought...

Health & Stress: 12 Questions to Ask Regarding Treatments & Procedures
Health & Stress Tips: Many people experience a degree of anxiety when health concerns arise. Whether the problem is headache or heartache, sniffles or cancer, understanding a treatment's potential benefits and risks is our own responsibility. Here are some questions that might be helpful to ask, as you explore a possible medical treatment or health procedure.

Health & Stress: A Sampling of Consumer Health Sites
Health & Stress Tips: These may be helpful to you in your search for credible information to support your personal healthcare professionals' recommendations. This is not an endorsement of the sites mentioned; but a sampling of many well-known organizations offering online consumer health information.

Health & Stress: Can Meditation Reduce the Harmful Effects of Stress?
Health & Stress Tips: Q: Can I prevent the harmful effects of my stress by practicing meditation?

Herbal Supplements... & Stress?
Herbs & Anxiety/Depression Q: My pharmacist recommended Kava Kava for my anxiety and depression. What do you think?

Herbal Teas that Please
Herbs & Stress?: These days, herbal teas are readily available in health food stores, restaurants and supermarkets. Many people enjoy their widely varied flavors as well as properties associated with the practice of botanical medicine for healing and wellness.

Free Stress-Relief CD? Why is Relax Intuit™LLC Willing to Give Away a Free Stress-Relief CD?
Free Stress-Relief CD Q: Why Is Relax Intuit (tm)LLC willing to give up some of its profit to offer loyal customers: "Buy-5-Get-1-Free?" You're giving away a free copy of your award-winning stress-relief audiobook on CD, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace?"

Holiday Stress: 10 Tips for Chasing Holiday Blues
Holiday Stress Tips: Holiday Stress: Some holidays are different. There may be people missing from gatherings, or changing family structures. There may be illness, or empty seats at the table. Families may be touched either by holiday stress due to unemployment, or perhaps by excessive workloads. If this year finds you struggling with the sadness or depression of holiday stress, here are soothers that I hope will be helpful to you this year.

Holiday Stress: 25 Seasonal Soothers
Holiday Stress Tips: If this holiday season finds you not-so-very-merry, try these holiday stress-relief tips and strategies to replenish a weary spirit. Here are 25 Seasonal Soothers --holiday stress tips for a More Joyful November & December.

Holiday Stress: A Note About Partying & Excess
Holiday Stress Tips: For some families, addictive disease or excess may be a heart-breaking aspect of the holidays. Excess, whether related to alcohol abuse or food, drugs, gambling, debt, sex, Internet use, or other compulsive behaviors, is often a misguided response to (and cause of) stress. If someone's addictive behaviors concern you, here's an article for you.


Holiday Stress: Are You Feeling Grinch-y?
Holiday Stress Tips--Feeling Grinch-y?: 12 Little Holiday Stress Tips to Lift Winter Doldrums and Replenish a Weary Spirit to Relieve Holiday Stress.

Holiday Stress: Creating Peace on Earth at Family Gatherings
Holiday Stress Tips: Family gatherings are wonderful opportunities to share with those closest to us. But for some, sitting across the Thanksgiving table from a particular relative can be fraught with tension and holiday stress. When a relationship is strained, sometimes we can prepare to create a more positive experience and a more relaxed, comfortable get-together. Here are some more ideas to ease the holiday stress of potentially uneasy holiday family gatherings:

Holiday Humor: How to Tell if You're a Grinch?
Holiday Humor: Are You a Grinch?

Holiday Stress: New Years Resolutions
Holiday Stress Tips: Holiday Stress: Tired of making (and breaking) the same New Year's resolutions? Fed up with fitness plans that last three days and of promises to be more patient or cheerful, or to drive within the speed limit? Tired of the same repeated vows to stop smoking... or arguing... or drinking or eating too much? Enjoy these holiday stress tips with a new spin on New Years resolutions.

Holiday Stress: Preventing Holiday Burnout
Holiday Stress Tips: Holiday Stress Q: My husband and I are running on empty. My dad's long illness has sapped our time, energy, and our savings. How can we replenish our own spirits and create joyous holidays for our 3 young children?

Holiday Stress: Recession Stress-Buster Gift Ideas
Holiday Stress Tips: Holiday Stress: Recession-Stress Busting Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List!

Holiday Stress: Single at the Holidays?
Holiday Stress Q: I feel like the last single guy in America. Amid the sparkle of the holiday season, all I can see is couples and families and women shopping for their men. How can I take my mind off of being single this year and sidestep some of my holiday stress?

Holiday Stress: Susie Mantell's Grandpa Story for Lifting Your Spirits at the Holidays
Holiday Stress-Relief: Susie Mantell's "Grandpa Story" for Lifting Spirits at the Holidays. As far back as I can remember, every December my grandfather would...

Humor's Healing Power: 10 Signals That Stress May Be Affecting Your Quality of Life
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: Since Laughter is the Best Medicine, here are 10 Signals That Stress May Be Affecting the Quality of Your Life

Humor's Healing Power: 12 Funny Thinks
Humor & Stress --You Gotta Laugh: As you know, I highly recommend humor for busting stress.


Humor's Healing Power: Boomer Humor
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: Boomer Humor Stress-Buster Break

Humor's Healing Power: Creating Mini-Thrills in Your Life
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: Want to reduce your stress? Create mini-thrills!

Humor's Healing Power: Humor & Creativity
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: Stress is no laughing matter ... (or is it)? It is now widely agreed that right up there with a brisk walk and loving touch, one of the surest and easiest ways to send a "feel-good" message to the body-mind, relieve pain and release stress is to laugh!

Humor: Some Folks Could Really Use a Little Help
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: It appears some folks could really use a hand... (Anonymous forward)

Humor's Healing Power: Sweet Baby Boomer Nostalgia
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: Sweet Baby Boomer Nostalgia: If you remember Hula-Hoops and 45s (and I sure do!) let the following soothe that child of the '50s and '60s who's still in there somewhere underneath those grown-up clothes.

Humor's Healing Power: Why Aren't All People Over 25 Dead?
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh. Since Laughter is the Best Medicine: According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's probably should not have survived. (Anonymous forward)

Humor's Healing Power: Why Boys Need Parents
Humor & Stress -- You Gotta Laugh: This funny is for parents of boys, sisters of boys, boys who have grown older, and anyone who ever knew a boy. (To be fair, one of these days I hope we come across one of these about girls, but until then, we hope this gives you a chuckle.) You find out some interesting things when you have sons, like...

Loneliness & Stress
Loneliness & Stress: Loneliness can take many forms, from the absence of family or a sense of community to feeling isolated and alone, even among others. Loneliness is a matter of perspective. Solitude can feel delicious, and silence can bring comfort. But some days we long for companionship, so here are a few suggestions to soothe the stress of loneliness

Meditation for Beginners
Meditation Q: Dear Susie, I keep hearing how beneficial meditation is to body, mind and spirit, but I am one of those people who just never learned how. I know you often talk about the many different ways one can meditate. I would love to. Is there a simple "beginner" meditation I could easily learn to do?


Meditation Within (or Without) a Spiritual or Religious Belief System
Meditation Q: Dear Susie, Can people benefit from mindful meditating without any religious or spiritual belief system? What are some applications for which we'd be well-advised to try meditation?

Memory: Does Stress Affect Your Memory?
Memory & Stress Q: Does stress affect your memory and if so, how?

Men & Stress
Men & Stress: So far, where stress is concerned, men are getting the short end of the self-help stick. Men and women are different genetically and culturally. We are also similar in many ways of course, but men and women differ in some ways that may influence specifically what stresses us, and how we cope.

Mess Stress: 7 Steps to Organizing a Home Workspace
Mess Stress? Everybody needs an office. Everyone. It makes perfect sense. Kids, adults, retired folks and at-home parents all need a workspace to which they can retreat, think, create, and get the job done, whether that's bill payment, homework, medical claims, holiday cards, or catalog orders. Here are 7 Steps to Organizing a Home Office.

Mess Stress: 18 Tips for Staying Organized
Mess Stress? Let's take a look at everyday "Mess Stress," which seems to affect most households to some degree.

Music & Stress: Feel-Good Songs
Music & Stress: Do your spirits need a little lift? Need some road-trip music? Want to put a little spring in your step on the treadmill? Here 's a list, in no particular order, of songs that our readers sent in that they consider sure-fire, oldie "Feel-Good" music!

Music & Stress: The Healing Power of Music
Music & Stress: Music has great power to access emotions, or redirect them. The exquisite power of music can bring us back to a specific time and place, lift and shift a mood, and can even entrain the heart to a faster beat while exercising.

Pain & Stress
Pain & Stress Tips: Pain is a signal that something is wrong. It is the body-mind saying "Stop! There has to be a better way!" We feel pain in very different ways from one another and to varying degrees. One theory suggests ...

Pain & Stress: Back Pain? 10 Tried & True Tips
Pain & Stress Tips: How is Stress-Reduction Beneficial in Relieving Back Pain? Ask your doctor about these 10 Tried & True Tips to relieve back pain.


Pain & Stress: Facial Pain and Muscle Tension
Pain & Stress Q: Dear Susie, I am constantly tense in my nasal area, which causes headaches. I cannot find a relaxation technique for my nose and sinuses. Deep breathing helps somewhat. What else might help?

Pain & Stress: Pain Management In Cancer & Other Conditions
Pain & Stress Q: My wife is in treatment for cancer, following major surgery. We've learned that some residual pain may remain indefinitely. Can you please offer some suggestions that might help relieve the stress that accompanies chronic, debilitating pain?

Pain Stress: TMJ Stress Relief
Pain & Stress Q:I grind my teeth & clench my jaw day and night. Now I am paying $15,000 to re-crown half of my teeth. Your CD is a huge help in getting me to sleep. I play it every single night, and that is a Godsend. Now, do you have any tips for the TMJ?

Pain & Stress: Using Writing Meditation for Pain Relief
Pain & Stress Q: I suffer from vague muscle aches and tender points diagnosed as "Fibromyalgia Syndrome." (FMS) How can I use mind-body techniques to ease the pain?

Panic Attacks
Panic Attacks Q: I'm a 15 year-old boy. I'm an A student, but I have been experiencing anxiety attacks and panic attacks that cause me a lot of stress. My palms get very sweaty and I feel like I'm going to faint, and I get these thoughts like something terrible is going to happen.

Parenting Fatigue: Tips for Parents of Young Children
Parenting Fatigue: When habitually sleep-deprived, the system is literally "stressed" beyond efficiency. Overtaxed and depleted, we become more vulnerable to illness, depression, forgetfulness, irritability and headaches. We need to release busy days and prepare for deep, restful sleep and find ways to compensate for the sleep deprivation that is so common in parents of young children.

Parenting Stress
Parenting Stress Q: Dear Susie, I am a stay-at-home mom with 20 month-old twins and an almost 5 year old. I am feeling stressed out all the time, and I don't know how to cope. I find myself yelling and sometimes just want to lash out. I feel so depressed some days. My husband works very long hours and I am burning out. Help please?

Parenting Stress: Avoiding Burnout
Parenting Stress Tips: Q: My children constantly squabble and it has reached a point where I just don't know what to do to help them, or myself. Unquestionably, they do love one another. But this bickering is making us all miserable. How can I find peace in my heart and in my home when my kids are constantly fighting?

Parenting Stress: The Parent We All Want to Be
Parenting Stress Tips: Use your imagination and substitute what you could "Yes" for someone small or someone grown, as you read this beautiful poem by Sally Meyer for her remarkable son, Dhylan.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: What is PTSD?
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Tips ( PTSD) : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a clinical diagnosis physicians apply to a constellation of symptoms that sometimes follow catastrophic or traumatic events including, but not limited to, the experience of or witnessing of combat, assault, rape, fire, chronic abuse, natural disasters or acts of terror. The body-mind-spirit is literally...

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: When a Loved One is Suffering
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Tips ( PTSD) Q: Dear Susie, My husband suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder... and it is tearing us both apart...

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: When One Moment Changes Everything
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Tips ( PTSD): It takes great courage to get up one more time -- to keep on hoping, after your spirit has been shaken to its core. In the blink of an eye, your world as you know it was forever changed, and more challenges lie ahead. Over the years, clients finding their ways back from trauma have taught me much about hope. My wish is that you will find some here.

Quality of Life: Boost Yours
Quality of Life & Stress Tips: The simple exercise takes just five minutes, and is one of my all-time favorites - Please do this! Here's an eye-opening exercise to reduce stress, and boost your quality of life. You'll also find over a dozen free tips to help enhance the quality of your everyday life.

Quality of Life: Making Choices in Challenging Times
Quality of Life & Stress Tips: Market Volatility... Unemployment... Global & Environmental Concerns... It is safe to say that wherever you are reading this today, these are challenging times emotionally, physically, financially and globally. Tough times have always found people reassessing what they value most, creating new ways to help themselves and one another to enjoy the highest possible Quality of Life in this moment.

Reflexology & Stress: Soothe Tired Tootsies
Reflexology for Stress-Relief: Reflexology is an intriguing ancient healing art in which points on the foot, or hands or ears, are massaged to soothe corresponding body parts, organs and systems. Some massage therapists are also licensed in reflexology. Other reflexologists work specifically in this practice only. Reflexology can be a deeply soothing...

Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD)
Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD) Stress-Relief : Many experience clinical winter blues known as Season Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) that can be related to fewer hours of available daylight in winter. If you suspect you may be one of them, this article is for you.

Self-Destructive Thoughts
Self-Destructive Thoughts, Stress and Depression Q: I suffer from depression and dark thoughts. I am in therapy, but what else should I do?

Simple Soothers: 50 Sublime Simple Pleasures
Simple Soothers Stress Tips: 50 Sublime Pleasures to Help You Reduce Stress. Sometimes it really is the little things. Here are 50 of them for when you need a pick-me-up

Simple Soothers: 70 Ways to Feel Really Good... Fast!
Simple Soothers Stress Tips: Perhaps like you, I always feel better when I know I have more than one option, so I've assembled a stress-relief "buffet" for you of 70(!) Ways to Feel Really Good ...Fast! Try these to prevent/release stress, lift spirits and enhance overall wellness.


Simple Soothers for Complex Times: 10 You Can Try Today
Simple Soothers Stress Tips: These are complex times for people everywhere...but there is a lot we can do each day to reduce, release and manage stress that comes our way. Whatever has led you to choose to read this article today, I wish you the strength and courage and help you will need to see you through to brighter days, and renew your sense of Hope.

Simple Soothers: Something for Everyone
Simple Soothers Stress Tips: Here are 12+ free stress-relief tips -- a cross-section of stress-relief strategies that offer something for everyone.

Sleep, Dreams & Stress
Sleep, Stress & Insomnia Tips: Dear Susie, I understand our dreams can sometimes help release stress and promote healing. I wish I could use dreams to work through conflicts. Is it possible that I just don't ever dream?

Sleep Stress: (Ssshhh... Power Nap in Progress)
Sleep, Stress & Insomnia Tips: The Real Secret to Success? Power Naps. More and more businesses are recognizing the tremendous benefits to their employees when time is allowed for a phenomenon known as "Power-Napping."

Sleep Stress: Sleepless in... Wherever?
Sleep, Stress & Insomnia Tips: Sleepless in... Wherever? Do you sometimes crawl into bed longing only for sweet respite in deep, replenishing sleep, close your eyes and snuggle in -- only to find that the movie in your head begins? This article is filled with sleep tips just for you!

Sleep Stress: Soothing Worries & Mental Chatter
Sleep Tips, Stress & Insomnia: The average person needs a lot more sleep than (s)he gets, and we're paying for it. We all experience bouts of sleeplessness from time to time. When worries arise, it's nearly impossible to lie still amid all the mental chatter. Here are a few exercises I hope you will find helpful is achieving the gentle comfort of restful sleep you long for.

Sleep Stress: So You Don't Have 20 Minutes for a Nap?
Sleep Tips, Stress & Insomnia: Release, Replenish, Renew in 2 Minutes Flat!

Stress & Altruism: Acts of Kindness Reduce Stress
Stress & Altruism: Our sense of self-worth is largely defined in our own eyes. We've all read about "random acts of kindness," and I often recommend doing something kind for somebody every single day as a powerful and effective stress-relief exercise. A constant, often imperceptible, exchange of energy flows between living things and even a simple exchange can boost the "feel-good" factor. For example...

Stress & Health
Stress & Health Tips: Q: Dear Susie, What does stress do to people, and how can I tell if it's doing it to me? I never sleep!

Stress &... Hoaresness?
Stress & Health and...Hoaresness? Dear Susie, I would like to know if there could be any relationship between a huge recent increase in my day-to-day stress level, and unexplained hoarseness I've recently developed. Could these be related, or is it just coincidence?


Stress & Mental Health: When to Refer to Psychotherapy
Stress & Mental Health Tips: Q: Dear Susie, I'm a teacher of meditation and energy healing. I see many types of clients, and some seem to be in need of care beyond what I can provide. What are some of the indicators that their needs are beyond my skill set and a referral for psychotherapy would be appropriate?

Stress & Non-Prescription Treatments
Stress & Health Tips: Without question, in instances of trauma or life-threatening infection, few would argue that the place to be is in a state-of-the-art hospital, in the hands of skilled physicians and nurses who may employ surgical procedures, powerful medications and techniques that save lives, limbs, and psyches. However when the ailment is day-to-day stress or mild situational blues, if it's fatigue, muscle aches, irritability or sleeplessness, here are some of the many roads to Rome that some find beneficial.

Stress & Relationships
Stress & Relationships Q: I had an argument with a dear friend about how to deal with our teenage daughters. Now she will not speak to me. She just answers when spoken to and shows no desire to mend our longstanding friendship.

Stress & Relationships: Want to Avoid an Argument?
Stress & Relationships: Here's a great, somewhat whimsical (yet effective!) technique for buying yourself some time before responding to a friend, relative, employer or co-worker with words you might later regret...

Stress & Sugar: (I sure hope you read this one!)
Stress & Sugar: Do you ever experience bouts of depression, impatience or irritability? Have you ever had episodes of binge eating, followed by regret and remorse? There are many, many stress-relief tips posted on my website, but I really, really hope you read this one.

Stress: Comforting Thoughts to Live By
Stress Tips: A man opened his wife's top drawer and picked up a package tied with satin ribbon. Gently folding back each layer of tissue, he smiled softly, staring quietly at the contents...

Stress: How to Find & Accept Help When You Need Some
Stress Tips: 10 Powerful Practical Tips for Getting Help When You Need Some!

Stress: Internal & External Stress Triggers
Stress Triggers: Read about the internal, and external stress triggers that can determine how one person or another will respond to a potentially stressful situation.

Stress: No Time to Relax?
Stress & Time Q: I'm always on the go. I know this sounds crazy, but with long days, deadlines, fax-phone-email messages, I'm just too busy to relax. I even look like Hell. What can I do?

Stress: On Overload? Need to Reduce Everyday Stress?
Stress Tips: On Overload? Here's a simple, helpful stress-reduction exercise I created to help gain perspective whenever your world is spinning a little too fast.


Stress-Relief Expert Susie Mantell's 3 Helpful Tips
Stress-Relief Expert Susie Mantell offers a good starting point for anyone wishing to release stress and improve his/her overall quality of life.

Stress-Relief for Developmentally Challenged Adults
Stress-Relief for Developmentally Challenged Adults Q: I work with the developmentally challenged adults. I'm looking for alternative methods of relaxation for my clients other that medication. I use music, a few enjoy shiatsu, but others do not like to be touched. Most of my clients are involved in behavioral programs in conjunction with meds. Any suggestions?

Stress-Relief Through Service to Others
Stress-Relief Through Service to Others: Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert Schweitzer said, "I do not know what path in life you will take, but those among you who will be truly happy are those who will have sought and found a way to serve." Do you volunteer in some way? Here are some of the results of a survey in which our readers shared some of the ways they help out.

Stress Tips Toolbox: All Stressed Up & No Place to Go?
Stress-Relief Tips & Tools: When it comes to stress-relief techniques, one size does not fit all. We each need to develop a variety of realistic, personal stress-management tools that works within our personal lifestyles, preferences and belief systems. All stressed-up and no place to go? Here's a great assortment to help you create your own stress-relief toolbox.

Stressed-Out? Overwhelmed? Susie's Soothing Spin on the "To Do" List
Stressed Out? Overwhelmed? Here's Susie' Mantell's Soothing Spin of the To-Do List!

Teen Stress: Dating
Teen Stress Q: Dear Susie, I'm so stressed over trying to get a girlfriend. How can I get less nervous around girls?

Teen Stress: Introducing Meditation to Teens
Teen Stress Q: We see a lot of at-risk adolescents in my busy metropolitan medical practice. I know meditation is an empowering, drug-free tool. How can I introduce it to this population without turning them off?

Terrorism: Coping with the Stress of Global Events
Terrorism Stress Tips: Following the devastating terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, I received a request for this article about coping with a profoundly disturbing and disruptive event, terrorism and other global events of devastating impact. I hope that some thoughts here will bring you comfort. Please know they come with my warmest wishes and deepest prayers for the safety of you and all your loved ones... and that of people we have never met.

Time-Management & Stress: Time Well-Spent
Time-Management for Stress-Management: I hate to rush, but I like to be on time. Here are some tips to help with time-management.

Tinnitis Stress (aka Ringing in Ears)
Tinnitis Stress Tips ( Ringing in the Ears) Q: Dear Susie, I've had Tinnitus for three months and am finding the ringing and buzzing very frustrating. It's hard to focus on work. My E.N.T. has me on anti-anxiety medication. I recently purchased your stress-relief CD, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace," and indeed, it is very calming. Do you have other suggestions?


Vacation: Redefining Vacation
Vacation Stress Tips: Redefining Vacation. Who needs vacation? You do. (Not news, I realize.) Why? Health depends upon balance. (OK. You knew that too.) When? Now it gets interesting...

Women and Stress... and Hormones
Women & Stress Q: I am so stressed. I've been feeling so sad, stressed and irritable. It's not PMS, but it sure feels like it. Could it be hormones anyway?

Women & Stress: Juggling and Balancing
Women & Stress: These days, for many women, combined responsibilities in the workplace and at home necessitate some skilled juggling to balance worlds amid diverse and pressing needs. Increasing responsibilities sandwiched between care for children and for aging parents, create a climate in which stress has become a fact of life. Here's help for busy women.

Work-Related-Stress and High Blood Pressure
Work-Related Stress Q: I work very hard in a stressful job, and I have developed high blood pressure. I seem to have completely forgotten the art of relaxation. Please, can you help me?

Work-Related-Stress: How to Help a Working Wife
Work-Related Stress of a Working Wife Q: Dear Susie, My wife's an amazing woman, juggling demands of her career, our two year old son and me. How can I help her counter the stress of her routine?

Work-Related-Stress: Quick Tips for Relaxing During the Workday
Excessive demands and economic pressures, a hectic pace, yet sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and long hours compromise the overall well-being or individuals and their organizations. For some, one half-hour of relaxation can actually provide 2-3 more productive, focused hours to achieve their goals and objectives. But how to do that when you are already on "overload"?

Work-Related-Stress: Side-Stepping a Verbal Swing
Work-Related Stress? Difficult coworkers? A boss from Hell? Did you ever notice how when your boss, client, or co-worker has a bad day, it can really put a cramp in yours?

Work-Related-Stress: The Bottom Line
Work-Related Stress: The Bottom Line? Stress is bad for Business. We're seeing unprecedented incidence of work-related stress attributed to workplace tension, recession stress and downsizing, extended periods seated at computers and even air travel. The impact of such stressors manifests in absenteeism, unprecedented incidence of depression, addictive behaviors, stress-related-illness, everyday irritability and "burn-out." What to do?

Worry & Stress
Worry & Stress Tips Q: Dear Susie, I am such a worrier! I don't want to be so negative, but I often am. How do I focus on something positive?

Worry & Stress: Choosing Tenants Wisely for the Real Estate in Your Head
Worry & Stress Tips: Do you worry? Is there a lot of clutter and mental chatter in your head? Here's a powerful exercise I developed to use with private clients. This will help you to prioritize, and to make meaningful, balanced choices. I call it "Choosing Tenants Wisely for the Real Estate in Your Head."

Worry & Stress: Why We Do It...and How to Do It Less
Worry & Stress Tips: Worrying can be habit-forming. The anguish of anxiety is a drain on our energy and our time. It can seriously diminish our quality of life, health, our job satisfaction and performance. Anxiety is likely to impact our parenting, relationships, and pretty much everything else we do. The truth is that worrying is a behavior and as such, can become a kind of "hobby" if we aren't careful. Do you worry? Here's an article about why we do it--and how to do it less.

Worry & Stress: Why We Worry About Things We Can't Do Anything About
Worry & Stress Tips: Like most people, sometimes I worry. And if you are even moderately good at it, you can pretty much scare yourself silly that way. Since most of the worries we worry never come to pass, let's re-evaluate the use of that time and energy and learn some of the many reasons, "Why We Worry About Things We Can't Do Anything About?"


The exquisitly soothing, audiobook, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace," by award-winning stress-relief expert Susie Mantell, provides instant relaxation, and powerful, effective, drug-free relief from stress and sleepless, anytime...anywhere!


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