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Your Favorite Interview... Ever?
Susie Mantell Relieves Your "Production Stress!"

Susie Mantell--A Dynamic, Informative Media Guest

Need a Miracle? Deadline Hell?

Susie Mantell's stress tips have appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC TV News, in Cosmopolitan, McCalls, syndicated radio,newspaper, professional trade publications and the www. A fun, fluent media guest, Susie offers new perspective and realistic, empowering tools for a wide variety of contexts. You may draw upon pre-existing material or Susie can create specific tools and strategies just for you.

Need Something Special? Last-Minute Cancellation?

A generous resource with imaginative techniques at her fingertips, Susie is great for call-ins and for quick, effective tips to prevent burn-out, relieve workplace stress, holiday stress, parenting, tax-time....ANY time! She readily customizes on-the-spot tips for any situation -- health and wellness, pain, sleeplessness, depression, family tension. Susie's a fast, fun, prolific problem-solver! We look forward to sharing her fun, fresh focus with your audience. They'll thank you. She's an amazing resource!


  1. Esteemed Clients & Supporters (pdf)
    Clients & Supporters of Susie Mantell & "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace"
  2. Susie Mantell Bio (pdf)
    Bio of Award-Winning Stress Management Expert/Author, Susie Mantell
  3. Susie Mantell Bio (shorter version pdf)
    Abridged Bio of Award-Winning Stress Management Expert/Author, Susie Mantell
  4. Rave Reviews & Testimonials (pdf)
    Testimonials from Media, Medical, Corporate Clients, Retailers & Devoted Listeners
  5. Sample Interview Topics for Susie Mantell (pdf)
    Susie Mantell can share expertise on an unusually wide variety of stress-related topics
  6. In the News (pdf)
    Assorted Media Featuring Susie Mantell's Work
  7. Sample Interview Questions to Ask Susie Mantell (pdf)
    Sample questions & topics that have worked well in previous interviews with Susie Mantell.
  8. BONUS -- Media Kit: Bonus! Stress Quiz for Journalists (pdf)
    How's Your Stress Level Today?

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