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"Mantell's voice surrounds nerve endings like salve. Don't ask how-It just does." - The Rocky Mountain News, Denver

“Best Audios of the Year” –Publishers Weekly Award
“Good As It Gets” issue –Town & Country Magazine
“Best Original Work” –Audie Awards Finalist
“Superb meditation CD” –The American Pain Society
“Terrific corporate gift!” -Remington
“Bestselling Stress Tape / Sleep Audio” –New Leaf

“The Best meditation CD!” –Canyon Ranch Living Essentials
“Highly Recommended” –Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
“Well done.”– Richard Ottenstein, PTSD Trauma Expert
“The Coca-Cola Company has appointed Mantell to their
4-person Dasani Wellness Team.”
Used in: The Mayo Clinic, Sloan-Kettering, Betty Ford Center, etc.

Award-Winning, Thoughtful, Healthy Gift for Everyone on Your List ...
Award-winning stress relief expert Susie Mantell customizes stress management seminars for clients including Fortune 500 Companies, Distinguished Hospitals and World-Class Spas. Often named among best stress relief gifts, Mantell's exquisitely soothing guided imagery meditation CD (or meditation tape) for relaxation and sleep, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace," is a clinically approved mindfulness stress CD (or stress tape) to soothe symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, muscle tension and back pain, enhancing wellness in men and women in all walks of life.

With a voice described as "liquid," this best-selling guided meditation CD (or meditation tape) is the perfect gift to relive stress, as well as a gentle, drug-free sleep aid for insomnia. This physician-recommended sleep CD (or sleep tape) is used to alleviate anxiety and depression, sleep disorders and insomnia, to restore healthy sleep. The best healthy stress relief CD gift for anyone in need of comfort for stress or insomnia, patients and caregivers alike find soothing stress relief gift bringing respite from long-term illness, cancer, chronic pain, eldercare, and grief.

A nationally recognized stress reduction facilitator, and generous resource with countless imaginative stress management techniques at her fingertips, Susie Mantell shares fresh, realistic perspective and gently empowering stress reduction strategies to ease the strain of stress-related illness, illness-related stress and the everyday stress of 21st century life. In addition to this award-winning stress CD (or stress tape) Susie Mantell offers unparalleled skill in assessing stress management needs in individuals and systems; and customizing stress reduction seminars and programs in a wide variety of contexts including the challenges inherent in recovery from alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders, trauma, and global events in uncertain times. Her powerful, practical, highly acclaimed mind-body stress reduction techniques and stress tips have been featured on TV and radio as well as international media, medical and professional trade publications.

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